Day 163: Who am I?

She laid on the hospital bed, confused and dazed.

“Who am I?” She wondered.

She didn’t know where she was or how long she had been there. She assumed it was a hospital bed due to all the beeping machines around her. She blinked her eyes multiple times, trying to get a clearer vision of the room. Her eyes were blurred, she could see all that was in front of her, but nothing else from a distance. She wondered if her eyes had always been like that. If there was ever a time she could see beyond her hands.

She wondered what her name was? Whether she was married or single? She wondered if she had a family looking for her? She wondered what she looked like? What features framed her face? What colour were her eyes?

She laid in bed, wondering all these things, hoping that someone with answers will walk through the door.

Thank you for reading.

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