Day 160: Rules

One of my favourite rules in school was “treat others the way you’d like to be treated”. I loved that rule, I lived for that rule. It was perfect in every way and I took it to heart. Of all the rules in school, that was the only one that I always followed.

The rule complimented the way I looked at life. That if someone was rude to you it was because they wanted you to be rude to them. Naturally I followed the rule to a fault. When someone pushed me on the playground, I pushed them back. When someone stole something from me, I stole it back.

Looking back, I don’t think that was what the teacher meant when he said that. I imagine he meant that I should be nice to my classmates because I wanted people to be nice to me. He probably also meant that I should treat others with respect because I wanted to be treated with respect.

Although I did try to do all those things, I focused more on my reactions rather than actions. Growing up, I still kept that rule close to heart, along with “people treat you the way you allow them to treat you”. I think the second rule developed out of the first one for me.

As a grown up (ish), I have become very good at treating others the way I’d like to be treated. I try to always remember birthdays because I like having my birthday remembered. I try to always check up on friends/family at least once a month, because it feels great to be checked up on. I’ve have to be very careful to make sure that it doesn’t turn into a selfish act, where I’m only doing things so someone else can do it for me.

To conclude, i advice everyone to “treat others the way you’d like to be treated”.

Thank you for reading.

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