Day 155: Students

I sit here, in a student bar, surrounded by 18 – 20 years, sipping a student drink that tastes nothing like wine. I’m supposed to be at a work conference, getting some rest for the long and busy day ahead. Yet here I am, with a group of colleagues, sober as hell, playing naming games to pass time.

I stare at the group of post teens in front of me, dressed in every colour of the rainbow, contrasting our mostly black denim and jumper looks. We sit with glasses of wine, beers and shitty cocktails, noodle bowls, and packets of biscuits. They youth allows them to stand as almost all the tables are free, whilst we sit. Their drunken movements makes my hazy eyes blur, their faces plastered with makeup and artwork.

I remember being them, being young, free and reckless. Being in a student bar, so self obsessed, ignoring all the world around me. And yet here I am, sitting here, doing nothing but spectating with a group of “adults”, trying to keep ourselves entertained, imagining that we are still young.

We sit here downloading apps for cool games to play and pass the time, forgetting our early start tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

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