Day 153: Emily Dickinson

I thought I should dedicate today’s blog to one of my favourite poets of all time, Emily Dickinson. A few months ago, I rewrote one of Dickinson’s poem “I am nobody”, which I loved doing. But today I’m just going to share her poem as it is. The poem I’m sharing is by far my favourite poem of hers. I had to study this in sixth form for my exams and this poem became part of me. There are times when I can’t express myself and I just recite this poem and it sums up how I feel perfectly.

Without any further ado, I present Emily Dickinson’s “I felt a Funeral in my Brain”.

I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,
And Mourners to and fro
Kept treading – treading – till it seemed
That Sense was breaking through –
And when they all were seated,
A Service, like a Drum –
Kept beating – beating – till I thought
My mind was going numb –
And then I heard them lift a Box
And creak across my Soul
With those same Boots of Lead, again,
Then Space – began to toll,
As all the Heavens were a Bell,
And Being, but an Ear,
And I, and Silence, some strange Race,
Wrecked, solitary, here –
And then a Plank in Reason, broke,
And I dropped down, and down –
And hit a World, at every plunge,
And Finished knowing – then –

Thank you for reading.

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