Day 151: Scrolling

They sat down, all 3 of them, scrolling through their social media pages. Scrolling through the perfect lives of imperfect people. With each sigh, they despised their own lives even more.

Number 1 stopped scrolling and gained the attention of the group. She showed them a picture from Instagram of one of the “influencers”, with her perfect body, perfect holiday, perfect tan and perfect photo. They all stared and started picking her apart, out of jealously and emptiness from their lives.

Number 2 was next, she stopped at the photo of a high school classmate, one who had recently written a book. She commented on how she was never very good in English class. How she hadn’t even finished high school, let alone attended university. They all chipped in, predicting a short writing career for her.

Number 3 stopped at a photo of an A List celebrity, with his new love. She said she wondered why they were together, that he was too good for her. They all contributed by digging into her career that had reached a standstill, at how she was only with him for the money.

With nothing left to add, they all went back to their silent scrolling, in search of their next victim.

Thank you for reading.

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