Day 150: Lettuce

A few months ago I wrote about gardening and growing some fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, not all has gone to plan. My aubergines refused to grow, not a single bud or sign of life. One of my flowers is very slow to grow, it’s been 2 months and there is a withering bud.

The other plants are doing very well. I have strawberries, flowers, an olive tree, potatoes, mint, carrots and my favourite lettuce. My lettuce have grown beyond my expectation. This was my first time growing lettuce and honestly I didn’t expect them to grow so fast.

Lettuce, with all its perk, is also a very high maintenance vegetable. It attracts slugs and snails, which I have to fight off everyday. They reproduce very rapidly, for every one slug I remove from my precious plant, I find another 3.

Fortunately, all the work finally paid off, as I was able to harvest my first batch of lettuce. I can’t wait to make salad tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

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