Day 148: Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders will forever be a childhood classic for me, right after Ludo. I loved and still love bored games, they teach you so much about strategy and planning ahead.

Snakes and ladders (for those who are unfamiliar with it) is a game where you roll a dice and move by the amount shown on the dice. On the board some numbers take you up a ladder where you get to take a shortcut and others lead you down a snake where you have to go back. The aim of the game is to get to 100 (the board is numbered from 1 to 100).

It’s a great game that teaches us about life. Sometimes you get advantages that take you ahead of others by mere chance or hard work. Other times you hit hard times and your life takes you downhill to a place you thought you’d already passed in life.

So far this month I’ve felt like I’m oui g a game of snakes and ladders. Every time one move leads me up a ladder another brings me back down. I have no choice but to keep playing the game. There’s no stopping for me until I reach 100!

Thank you for reading.

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