Day 147: Beat

I could feel it pounding against my chest, the tightening of my sports bra around my ribs. I could feel every single beat as if it were my last. I needed to sit down and fast but I had to keep defending. The faintness began to effect me, a combination of exhaustion and a weak heart. I could hear my breathing get even more coarse with each breath. I really needed to sit down before I fell down. I couldn’t concentrate, my foot work was a mess, my defending abysmal. I just wanted this to end so I could sit down. I just had to stay up for a few more seconds and it’ll be over. I heard the whistle finally blow before racing to the side and finally sitting down. I gulped my water but the faintness wasn’t disappearing. I kept taking deep breaths, trying to regulate my breathing and to control the beating. It hadn’t slowed down, neither had the intensity decreased. I couldn’t go back in, I didn’t want to, and honestly I didn’t think I’d survive. I just wanted to go home, I just wanted to lie in my bed and recover. The whistle was blown, I got up from the side and went back on court, praying that I’ll survive the whole match.

Thank you for reading.

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