Day 142: Furniture

She sat there at her desk, typing up the notes she’d made from the meeting. She always took her notebook instead of her laptop, it had become a habit now, a 30 years old habit. 30 years, that’s how long she had worked here. She had plans of grandeur and a lustre of ambition when she first started. She believed she could conquer the world, that by the time she was this age, she’d be the Chief Executive. But here she was, 30 years in the same job, a job she didn’t even want to begin with. 30 years of tasks she hated, meetings that she disliked and managers she barely liked. So much had changed in the 30 years, she’d seen those younger than her excel beyond her wildest dreams. One of the new recruits that she had trained had become the Prime Minister 3 years ago and here she still was. She knew the organisation better than anyone, she’d become part of the company’s furniture, always there. She had grown up here, gone to school here, and eventually started working here. She felt that her life had stopped the moment she took the job. She would never forgive herself for letting the pressure of others dictate her life. And here she was, 30 years on, full of self-loading and self-doubt, wishing she could go back and change it all.

Thank you for reading.

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