Day 140: Cactus

I stand here all day long, in the hot sun. Not a drop of water do I receive, nor love or sympathy. I’ve been standing here for what feels like an eternity, the only living thing for miles of sand. All I see before me is yellow sand, no plants or trees or life.

The last time I came across any form of life was 5 years ago. A group of them, lost in the desert, trying to find their way back home. They argued and fought for some time before stopping right in front of me. They needed the break and I needed the company. There were 3 of them, all family from what I could see. 2 boys and 1 girl, all lost together in the dessert.

She was the first one to see me, I don’t think she’d ever seen anything like me. For you see, I’m bigger than all the plants that’ve ever lived this side of the dessert. Only the strong survive. She approached me slowly, almost afraid to get too close. It’s hard being a cactus, no one wants to get close to you, no one wants to touch you.

She took one wrong step and tripped over, her right arm grazing my right arm. She screamed out in pain, almost as if I’d hurt her. Which wasn’t true, I would never hurt anyone. She looked at me with hatred and disgust, and beckoned her brothers to move on.

Thank you for reading.

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