Day 139: Sharing

I thought I’d dedicate today’s blog post to one of my favourite apps, the “ShareTheMeal” app created by the UN. We live in a world where you either have so much of everything or not enough of anything.m. We have so much food in the UK that 10.2 million tonnes get thrown away every year. That’s £20 billion worth of food. Household food waste alone is 7.1 million tonnes. This can fill up to 70,000 three bedroom terraced houses. That is a lot of food to waste when so many people go to bed hungry.

As a society we need to do better. We need to only buy food that we will actually eat, and find creative ways of preserving food we don’t want. The only reason I ever make banana bread is because my bananas have gone brown and I don’t want to eat them or throw them away, so I bake them. It’s the same when bread that’s gone really hard, I bake bread and butter pudding. The “ShareTheMeal” app is also a great way to make a positive contribution to the world. For £0.35 you can feed someone for a whole day!! For £5 you can feed someone for 2 whole weeks. A child won’t have to go to bed hungry for 2 whole weeks. Isn’t that amazing!

I love the app because you don’t need a lot of money to impact someone’s life. Even just a couple of pennies can give someone sustenance for a day. The best part is you don’t have to commit to it. You can give whenever you feel like it without signing up to a monthly payment (unless you want to). And you can give with Apple Pay!

If you do one thing today, I urge you to download the “ShareTheMeal” app.

Thank you for reading.

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