Day 137: Busy

She raced from one meeting to the other, knowing that she only had 30 minutes after this meeting to complete the report. It had been like this for the last 2 months, constantly running from one boardroom to another, never a moment to enjoy the satisfaction of having completed a task.

She sat down and opened up her laptop, barely paying attention to the meeting as her mind was on the unfinished report. She knew she had to pay attention if she wanted to understand the status of key performance indicators. She took some notes that were relevant to her, her eyes constantly reverting to the clock on her laptop. She hoped that the meeting finished early so that she had more time on the report. She opened up the report on her laptop and started to edit it as the meeting chair continued talking. A question was asked, directed at her about a report she had yet to read. She made up an answer that seemed logical from what she already knew and concluded to further look into it to report to the board.

The meeting finally ended and she bolted to her desk, desperate to finally finish she report. Halfway to her desk, she was stopped by a colleague asking for an answer to a question that was asked 3 days ago. She reinforced her answer that she will look into it. She sat down and after what felt like an eternity, finally completed the report. She looked at the time and saw that it was home time. She remembered the guilt she used to feel at leaving on time when she had so much work to finish, now she gladly leaves without a second glance or a hint of guilt.

Thank you for reading.

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