Day 136: Bizarre Holiday

So I googled “holidays on May 16th” and stumbled across quite a lot of bizarre holidays that I will now be celebrating.

May 16th is annually celebrated as:

Biographers Day – I don’t know if this includes autobiographers as well, but it should.

Love a Tree Day – I will definitely be practising this in the future, especially since I planted my first tree earlier this week.

National Mimosa Day – yes yes yes, I will be celebrating this next year.

National Notebook Day – I don’t need any excuse to buy a new notebook, but I’m glad I now have one.

National Piercing Day – I’ll celebrate this by buying new earrings.

National Sea Monkey Day – I don’t know how I’ll celebrate this, but I have a whole year to plan.

National Wear Purple for Peace Day – Another yes from me.

My May 16th has now become a day full of celebrations.

Thank you for reading.

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