Day 135: Bring on the Cheese

We live in a world where there are certain things that are so cheesy it make you cringe. And honestly I love them all, I love the cheese, the cheesier the better.

I even googled cheesy things people do just to see if I’d get annoyed and I loved them all.

I love matching clothing/ jewellery. I remember in high school when everyone had the BFF necklaces/ brackets. And it was a broken heart, and your bff will wear one half and you’ll wear the other half. I loved them. Matching clothing is the cutest thing. When I have kids we are definitely going to wear matching clothing. I mean right now, my parents, brother and I occasionally wear matching clothing and we love it!

Another absolute cheesy thing is love letters. I love love letters, I love all messages written by hand (including cards). I used to collect them, and had a huge pile in one of my drawers until I finally had to throw them all away. I think they’re cheesy and wonderful.

And finally, another super cheesy thing I love is quoting movies and tv shows. As someone who spends way too much time watching tv and going to the cinema, I love memorable lines. The amount of Cersei Lannister quotes that I’ve memorised is ridiculous.

I personally feel that we should let people enjoy what they like without making them feel embarrassed about it. For me there’s nothing embarrassing about love letters, matching clothing or movie quotes. They’re all just things I love.

Thank you for reading.

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