Day 134: Victory

We had no inclination that today would be the day we finally won. We approached the court with the same attitude that we usually had, one of goodwill and sportsmanship. We knew that we were in it for the team building and light exercise. After 4 weeks of this, we knew that our greatest strength was in consistency, in us consistently trying, but never winning.

We put on the bibs, elated at the colour of bright pink, joking that this was the colour of victory. No one really believed it but yet we said positive affirmations into the universe,m. I nodded and agreed, adding Richard Madden to my positive affirmations. For me it was just as likely for Richard Madden to walk into the court as it was for victory.

We played the first match, scoring 7 goals, surprised and elated at how well we were playing. I was already out of breathe, heart pounding through my chest, but eager to play on. We continued into the second match and reached 12 goals, whilst the other team hadn’t even reached 6. We all hurdled up at half time, afraid to speak it, no one saying what we were all thinking. We could win this.

The third quarter approached and the other team were getting worst. They were disheartened and angry at losing, something they had not anticipated. Our goal shooter and goal attack were playing at their best, barely missing the hoop. Each goal was like a dream, and each whistle blow a wake up call.

The final quarter approached and we were already at 18, and they had finally reached 6. We could finally say it out loud, we were going to win. We bought our top defence game, eager not to allow them to score. This was the most violent and brutal play, they were even more determined to score. Bruises and falls later, we had reached 23, and they were at 8.

We had won. The victory was uncontainable, you could see it all over our faces. We were good losers but the worst winners. We couldn’t keep it in, we just wanted to shout it from the roof tops. We were so accustomed to losing we didn’t know what to do with victory but to flaunt it.

Thank you for reading.

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