Day 133: Gadget

I used to love watching Inspector Gadget as a child. My favourite gadget was Go Go Gadget Bubblegum because he would blow a huge pink bubblegum in the middle of the road and it would stop all the cars. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. As a part-time Adult, I could use some Cool gadgets in my everyday life (although I don’t see when I’ll ever need Go Go Gadget Bubblegum).

If I could have my own gadget, it would be a time freeze gadget. It’ll be called Go Go Gadget Freeze Time. I’d use it every morning when my alarm goes off so I can sleep for an extra 2 hours and still be on time for work. I would use it every Saturday when I have a million things on my to do list, I’ll be able to do them all and still have time to actually rest. I’ll use it whenever I’m having a debate with someone, I’ll freeze time, google my facts to make sure they are indeed facts and then win the argument.

I could also use it for evil things like robbing a bank but that sounds like too much work. I’d have to live with the guilt forever, and that’s a burden I’m not willingly to carry. I’m far too lazy for that.

I could also use it to save the world. I could freeze time for 5 years (as long as I don’t age) and then do an ocean clean up of the whole world. But knowing me, I’ll most likely just use it to sleep more and forget to unfreeze time and I’ll wake up and I’m 80 years old.

Thank you for reading.

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