Day 132: Commotion

We were seated in a corner with half the table and sofas occupied by us and the other half empty for future customers. We sat down, eager to order as we had heard great things about the restaurant.

Just in front of us, there was a TV and an array of men sat in from with beer glasses half filled whilst surrounded by more empty glasses all around them. they had no interest in food. They watched the game and cheered loudly as their team scored.

After 10 minutes of checking the menu, we were finally ready to order. Getting the waiters’ attention was a chore and a half, but we finally succeeded. Waiters were ushering in customers and plates , all walking with a purpose.

The other half of our table was finally occupied by a family of 6 in a space that 4 could barely fit into. The men turned their chairs around and focused on the game, leaving the women and children to entertain themselves.

Loud cheers continued as a different team scored, everyone giving their professional opinions on the outcome of the game. The arrival of our meals mirrored the chaos of the restaurant. Our table was filled to the brim with plates of food, barely leaving any room for our drinks.

The restaurant got louder and louder with space getting tighter and tighter. I finally reached my breaking point and stopped eating, eager to leave. I asked for my food to be placed in take away boxes, paid the bill and left.

Thank you for reading.

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