Day 131: Vow

He had sworn to protect it, to keep it safe, it was the promise he made when he was knighted and here he was about to break it. He stared at the Holy Grail, afraid of the power that it possessed, afraid of what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands.

He mounted his horse and started his journey north, as far away from Rome as possible. He knew that he had committed treason and was breaking every vow that he took. He knew that if he were ever caught, death would be in reward.

He remembered making those vows, as a young boy of 16, he was raised up in the Templar and was proud to be a knight. He had always fought to defend the vows that he had made, and he ensured to obey the commands of the Pope. But this time it was different, he knew the truth, he knew the plans they had for the Holy Grail and he couldn’t let that happen. His first vow was to God before his vows to the Pope.

Thank you for reading.

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