Day 129: Age

As the days tally on, I find myself increasing thinking about age, not just my own (as I approach my quarter life crisis), but the age of others as well. For instance, I found out that Samuel L Jackson is 70 years old and I was so shocked I cursed out loud. 70! He was born in 1948, just after world war 2, 70 years old! I’m still in shock!

I find it crazy that once you hit 18 you’re officially an adult, that a new age brings about so many new responsibilities. I haven’t been 18 for a very long time and yet there are very few times that I feel like an adult. For one, I still don’t have a grown up answer to “what do you want to do with your life?”. My answers are either excessively ambitious (bordering impossible), or absolutely nothing.

As I grow older, I see so many people my age figuring out appropriate, grown up and realistic answers to that question. For me the answer to that question isn’t really important, because age is just a number. I can be as ambitious today as I was at 6 years old, and I can be as ambitious when I’m 70. I can still be in super hero movies kicking ass at 70. There is so much I want to achieve in life, that I’m sure by age 70, I would have done at least one.

Right now it’s important to enjoy today and just live! And to paraphrase Angela Bassett when talking about turning 60, “I love the age I’m at, I’m old enough to know better and young enough not to care”.

Thank you for reading.

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