Day 128: Serpents

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. But in the beginning, before they were serpents they were angels, or at least appeared so in form. These were the same two that later forced the lovers to sin. Two that were more dangerous than all the legends told before.

One was old Nick and the other was Sam, a young and ambitious angel who looked to his leader for inspiration. Nick held the position of the most important being in Eden, second only to the I AM, at least until Adam and Eve. For Nick and Sam had been in the garden throughout all creation, and they had watched enviously as man was created in the likeness of Yah Weh. They had gained great powers and yet it was man that was favoured by God.

So Nick and Sam formed a plot, one so treacherous that it will change both heaven and earth for ages to come. It would cause irrevocable damage that would separate man from Jehovah.

The story we know speaks of an apple, but this was far greater than a fruit from a tree. For you see, all things created in the heavens and the earth was good and the fruit itself was good.

Nick, enraged with jealously formed a plan that Sam was only too willingly to follow. They plotted to usurpe the King himself and for Nick to sit on heaven’s mighty throne, making Sam his lieutenant. They rallied angels across the heavens, filling them with their lies and false promises. They promised an end to man, to both Adam and Eve, and made accusations of disobedience. They said the war was in defence of the Lord, saving the Him from Himself and his treacherous creations. They named their cause The Last War, one to put and end to man and return heaven to its former glory.

Thank you for reading.

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