Day 124: Captain America

So I’ve finally watched Avengers: EndGame and I was not disappointed. I absolutely loved it and it did not feel like 3 hours, not once did I have the urge to pee. It was a brilliant movie and the cast and crew did it justice. But I just wanted to dedicate this post to my favourite Avenger, Captain Steve Rogers, also know as Captain America. Especially since this was probably his last movie.

Captain America has and will always be my number 1 Avenger (although Captain Marvel is putting up a good fight for that position). I remember watching Captain America: The First Avenger and I fell in love. I was so excited for a super hero that was chosen to be a hero based on his good heart and character. Steve Rogers was a scrawny, little, sickly looking man that joined the army to fight in World War One. His character and nature didn’t change when he was given super hero abilities, instead he became an even better leader. The love story between him and Peggy Carter in that first movie just moved me. It wasn’t over the top, sexually explicit or sappy. It was two people who knew that saving the world came first.

Marvel then gave Peggy Carter a spin off called Marvel’s Agent Carter which was everything I expected from Cap’s true love. The show was cancelled just after 2 seasons but it was a great 2 seasons. It showed Peggy’s role is the early establishment of SHIELD and her constant pursuit for justice (just like Cap).

Captain America is not only a great leader but a great friend, especially when he stuck by Bucky when no one else would in both Captain America: Winter Soldier and in Captain America: Civil War. This man deserves all the medals for just being himself.

So when I finally watched Endgame and saw the ending that was given to Cap, I was over the moon because he deserved all the happiness in the world!

Favourite line by Cap in the movie:

“He’s right, that is America’s butt”, when talking about his own butt.

There was so much more going on in EndGame that I couldn’t possibly write it all. There were some tearful moments, some jumping out of my seat moments, and some uncontainable joy moments. It’s definitely something I will be watching again, after binge watching all the Captain America and Avengers movies again!

Thank you for reading.

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