Day 123: Goodbye

She stood there staring at the empty room as tears rolled down her eyes. She knew she had to say goodbye, goodbye to the ghost that he left behind.

She paced up and down the living room, imagining conversations with him. She sat on the couch as she saw him caress her hand, they began their usual conversations. She smiled into the empty room, her eyes filled with love and she saw him clearly before her. She listened as he went on, interjecting only when necessary. She didn’t want to miss a beat of what he had to say, knowing full well that this will be the last time they spoke like this.

She saw him stop mid way as he stared at her, knowing the exact moment the thought crossed her mind. He gave her a reassuring smile and she knew he was ready to go. The time had come for her to close this chapter in her life. It had been over 2 years of conversing with ghosts. She knew it was time to put this behind her and continue on with her life, not the one she imagined she still had, but the one she could make for herself. She knew that selling the house was the only my way she could move on.

She sat on the couch a little longer, taking it all in for the last time. All her memories that they’d made, all the conversations and future plans. It was time to say goodbye to all of them. She wiped the warm tear from her cheek and finally got up to leave. She walked through the living room, the hall way and the staircase. She reached the door and walked straight out, without looking back.

Thank you for reading.

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