Day 122: Anger

“I’m absolutely fuming”.

This is a phrase I’ve used far too much today, constantly repeating it to anyone who would listen. This was and is still how I feel. I’m fuming, absolutely livid, beyond myself with anger. And why, you ask? Why am I in a state of catastosmic fury? The thing that gets most people in this state, someone else’s ego!

When people act out of their ego, they cause unnecessary issues and hurt for others.

It’s ridiculous to expect people to cater to our needs just to smooth our egos, and as a fully functioning adult, this is something I understand and have accepted. But not everyone is at the same level of maturity and self awareness.

I understand that a huge part of my anger is about my bruised ego and pride. I’m fully aware of it, which is why, due to my better judgement, I refused to act on it. Being attacked with groundless accusations after outperforming all expectations is ridiculous, laughable almost. Something that should be celebrated has now turned into an unnecessary battle, one my ego is more than willingly to fight. A battle my better judgement refuses to engage in.

It’s a shame that we live in a world where the ego of one person outweighs the good of the rest. Moving forward, I refuse to engage in it, to even entertain my ego long enough to get mad, let alone fuming.

Thank you for reading.

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