Day 120: Crime

We stood there, in complete and utter shock. Who could have done this? And why? The act itself wasn’t an utter nightmare, but the fact that the assailant remained unknown, that was made made it worse. We all looked at each other, we knew we were all in the clear, we were each other’s alibis. We were together the whole time, not a single person out of sight. And also, most importantly, you needed a car to commit this crime, only 2 of us had driven, and one of the drivers was the one the crime was committed against.

We called the organiser of the event and informed her of the heinous crime. She looked just as shocked and baffled as the rest of us. She insisted that none of her girls would have committed such a crime, that it must have been the boys. We all looked at her in disbelief, certain it was one of her girls. We said nothing and 2 of us approached the boys. The victim shaking as she approached them, still overwhelmed by it all. She asked the question we already knew the answer to. They all denied it and carried on with their match.

She came back to where we were standing, trying to be cheerful and finding solutions. This was just awful, we all felt awful that we couldn’t prove who the perpetrator was. Even in her despair, she offered us her smiles and kind words. Finally parting ways, as there was nothing else we could do, we left her. We made our way home, certain that she will take care of it.

Thank you for reading.

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