Day 118: Shoes

She had a different pair for each aspect of her personality.

She wore her New Balance on her commute to work, rocking the “working mum” look. She knew they were perfectly suited for the journey, especially when it came to running to catch the train in the mornings. With them on, she knew she was light on her feet and could squeeze into the packed Jubilee Line. She also wore them to the gym, 3 days a week, she used them on the treadmill, in her spin class and her legs, bums and tums class. She felt like superwoman in those shoes. Like she could do anything.

She wore her pumps during the day in the office. They made her feel stylish and in control. She knew the image that she was portraying. She had to be professional, and those shoes made her feel like the boss that she was.

She wore her converses on the weekend. They were her go to shoes, the ones that made her feel comfortable. They matched her weekend wardrobe perfectly, automatically turning her into “fun mum”.

She wore her mules on special occasions, weddings, birthdays, Christmas. She was in love with the gold block heels and the see through front. She felt like a queen in them, especially when paired with a new dress.

She wore her beaded rainbow sliders around the house. The ones she had let the kids design. She had regretted it when she saw the outcome, but now they were a part of her. She always made sure she backed them on every holiday. It was her favourite reminder of home.

Thank you for reading.

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