Day 116: Van Gogh

My art class today was focused on Vincent Van Gogh. We were able to learn about his life, his art and his death. His life was not something anyone would aspire to have. He cut off his ear and gave it to the prostitute he was in love with for her to keep. He was rejected multiple times by women he fell in love with, including his cousin, a widow, and said prostitute.

He created the majority of his masterpieces whilst in an asylum in France. Which is where he shot himself in the chest and died a few days later. Starry Night, his most famous art work, was his representation of the view he saw from his room in the asylum.

Learning about him made me so sad, he was treated like he was worthless whilst alive and now his art is worth millions. He used his art to show the world what he saw and felt inside, which is absolutely amazing.

Thank you for reading.

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