Day 113: Staircase

I kept walking up. I didn’t know how many stairs I’d already taken but I knew I had a long way to go. I tilted my head towards the sky and gazed at the endless spirals of staircases.

I continued going, feeling my thighs and knees growing weaker as I continued on. I could feel my heartbeat getting stronger and faster with each step.

The staircase was narrow and high, with walls all around me. I could always see where I was going from every angel but could not see where I came from. It was helpful because my fear of heights wasn’t aware of how high I truly was. The walls were a deep wine colour, made of layered bricks. I felt like I was walking up a tower made of endless staircases.

I stopped for a few moments to catch my breath, grabbing my water bottle and taking huge gulps, trying to steady my beating heart. I didn’t know how much more I could take, how many more stairs before I could no longer go on. I wondered what would happen if I decided to quit. Would I walk all the way back down again? There was no other way to escape, I could either go up or go down, either way, I still had to use the staircase.

Thank you for reading.

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