Day 112: Rushing

I hate rushing, I absolutely hate rushing. For me rushing occurs due to lack of planning, if I plan properly, I should never have to rush. Rushing gives me anxiety and I start to panic, so I avoid it at all cost. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I had to rush, even when I’m “running late”, I’m still early.

I always give myself extra time, which I call “stupid time” so that I can make mistakes and still do everything on time. If I’m meeting a friend, I’ll give myself 15 mins “stupid time” just in case I forget something and have to go back home, that way I’m still on time. If I’m going somewhere for the first time I’ll add extra “stupid time” just in case I get lost.

Especially when travelling, I like being super early. I’d rather skip breakfast and go to the airport 3 hours early and then eat at the airport. Rather than eat at home, then leave when there’s rush hour traffic and then have to run through security to catch my flight.

“Stupid time” is one of my best inventions. This means I’m rarely late, I mean there are the few occasions when unforeseen circumstance happen. “Stupid time” means I don’t have to beat myself up for being stupid, because I planned for it. I know myself enough to know that I always forget my hand cream (which I never use) and have to turn back home to get it.

My philosophy is the earlier you get somewhere, the earlier you can leave. So being early has its perks.

Thank you for reading.

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