Day 109: Taking Chances

She stared at her phone, at the open WhatsApp message that she had read over 3 hours ago. She had texted all her friends asking for advice and had even made 2 international calls to make sure. She knew how these things went, nothing good ever came from a WhatsApp message, at least not for her. She didn’t know what to do, all her friends had given her similar advice and yet the thought of taking a chance frightened her.

She knew what she was afraid of, not rejection, like most of her friends thought. Rejection would be the easy option for her, she wished that rejection was the fear, because then she would know what to do. No, her fear was the complete opposite, it was acceptance. It was having everything she ever wanted, because then she would have nothing else to want. And what kind of a life would it be, to strive for nothing.

She womaned up and did what she had to. She took in all the advice she’d received and typed up the message, her heart racing through her chest as if she’d climbed a flight of stairs. She read it over for what felt like the 60th time, took a deep breath and pressed send.

Thank you for reading.

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