Day 108: Us

Today I watched the much talked about Us, and boy oh boy do I have a lot to say about it.

I will try to not reveal any spoilers from the movie but I can’t make any promises.

For me this was not a scary movie, yes there were some thrilling parts but fear did not cross my mind. I found it unrealistic so I knew I had nothing to be afraid of.

The ending seems to be the talk of the town and to be honest I saw it coming in the first 20 minutes of the movie. I knew there was no way she made it out of the cave the same without something happening. And after they came to her home I knew what had really happened.

The movie had great cinematic displays, the lighting and make up were spot on for darker skin tones. The sound track was very effective as I found myself anxious just at the right moments. The story, although I found it predictable, was different.

I love the fact that it was a psychological thriller. It was about fighting the darkness within, and become the darkness within. It’s also about what happens when you stray from the light in search of places you shouldn’t be in.

One aspect of the movie that I still haven’t figured out is why the holding hands across America? What was the purpose? You could tell the plan was thought of by an 8 year old but I want to know why? What did the hand holding achieve?

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts and theories from the movie.

Thank you for reading.

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