Day 102: Wardrobe

I have been told that I have the taste and style of a 60 year old, middle class white woman. I’ve been told that I dress like a preppy high school cheerleader. I’ve also been accused of dressing like an upper class spoilt princess.

Whilst studying Marie-Antoinette and the French Revolution, I came across the quote “the clothes make the man” and in today’s society it’s true. We judge people based on what they’re wearing and we make assumptions about the kind of life we think they lead.

I was once told that I looked middle class at work as an insult. I had been at work for 14 hours and was not looking like my usual self and was called middle class, which I took as a compliment and said Thank You. People have expectations of me based on what I’m wearing, whether that assumption is on my intellectually ability, my politics, my faith, or my class.

My wardrobe is full of the most colourful and varied items. The way I dress doesn’t define who I am, all it shows is what I like (and that changes all the time). I love tight sexy dresses, whilst I live for baggy hoodies and leggings. I love African prints and bold florals, whilst I adore simple, elegant dresses in pastel and mono tones.

So next time, before you judge someone based on their outfit, remember that we are all more than the clothes we choose to wear.

Thank you for reading.

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