Day 99: Seasonal

In poetry, spring was always the season of hope, of new beginnings. Spring symbolised new love blossoming, romance and true love and thus was a lot of people’s favourite season.

For me, my favourite season is summer. Whenever the sun is shinning I’m automatically in a better mood. The brighter the sun the brighter my mood. I love hot summers, I mean really hot summers. I love being able to show off my legs and wear beautiful floral dresses. I love going on holiday in the summer because I can fit everything in my backpack as dresses are lightweight.

I love going to cafes and sitting outside in the summer. Picnics in the park, not wearing a cardigan, all the things I love.

For me summer symbolises freedom, because when I was in school, summer holidays were the only time I could be free and do whatever I wanted. Summer means having lunch on the balcony at work.

Summer is high school musical 2 (the best one), it’s going swimming at the local pool, meeting up with friends and having a good time. And for me summer is the gym, it’s the only time of the year that I get a gym membership. Why? Because the weather is so beautiful I actually want to leave my house to exercise.

I love summer!

Thank you for reading.

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