Day 94: Mountains

I looked ahead at the high mountain that I did not want to climb. I was already exhausted from the walk around the castle and the royal mile. And the parliament tour had soured my mood. This was not what I wanted to be doing. I wanted to go back to the apartment and rest, but here I am.

I looked at it again, gave a heavy sigh and started the climb.

The first 5 minutes were okay, the mountain ahead looked smaller that I first anticipated. It was so beautiful and the rain had ceased and the sun was out. I began to get excitement about the challenge ahead, I was ready for it. I’ve climbed mountains before, and if I could endure it then I should be able to endure it now.

I walked by a beautiful lake and stopped to admire it. I continued on for another 5 minutes before the pain began. It was excruciating, my legs and thighs were sore and heavy. I was ready to turn back and never do this again. I continued on for another 8 minutes before needing to sit down on a rock by the path.

25 minutes and 3 breaks later, I was almost there, almost at the top. The path became more obscured and unclear. There was nothing but rocks around us, so close to the top and there was no way ahead. I knew I had to forge my own path ahead if I were to get to the top.

The next 10 minutes were hard but also fun. I could walk wherever I pleased, creating my own way, finding my own path.

Finally at the top, I could sit and relax. I’ve done it! I’ve conquered my mountain!

Thank you for reading.

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