Day 93: Capitalism

Capitalism is working everyday to pay bills that only ever increase due to inflation (even though your pay check never inflates).

Capitalism is being told that a degree will get you a good job when all your degree has gotten you is a 50k debt and an ever increasing interest rate.

Capitalism is buying cheap clothes online that you’ll only wear once even though the poor children in Bangladesh only got paid pennies for making 30 of them in a day.

Capitalism is the potion we’ve all drank and have forgotten how to make the antidote, instead all we do is make more capitalism.

Below is the recipe to the capitalism potion:

Ingredients required:

  • Greed
  • Lack of Morals
  • Easily fooled masses
  • A circular system of debt
  • Celebrities that endorse and sell capitalism through their “branding”
  • Objects made in factories by poor children in foreign countries
  • Lots of cheap single use items
  • Sleeping society


  • Fetch a huge cauldron of greed, the largest one you can find.
  • Add a sheep skin’s worth of easily fool masses
  • Stir slowly on a fire of the sleeping society.
  • As you stir, don’t forget to add all the objects made by poor children in third world countries.
  • Next find the celebrities who endorses the most capitalist ideals and give them all your attention, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, everything you got. Use it to distract you from the lives that those children may live or their lack of education or the system you are supporting through your purchases and endorsements.
  • Add a pound of circular debt system, mix it right in. It is essential that it is well mixed for the potion to work.
  • The final ingredient is lack of accountability and ownership. Repeat these words 5 times as you mix the potion “it’s not that bad.”

And voila, here we are. The potion is working as perfectly as ever.

Thank you for reading.

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