Day 92: Rain

The first match had ended and the rain had begun. We hadn’t started off to a good start and none of us had ever played in the dark before. The cold winter evening was invading the spring afternoon that we had had earlier. We were already losing by 13 after one match but we were adamant to turn it around. Neither the dark nor the rain could stop us.

We started the second match as the rain continued to pour down. It had began to intensified as the minutes rolled by. We were playing better as a team, scoring more. With each increase in the score, the rain too would increase. We didn’t know who our opponents were, the tiny giants or the rain.

Although we hadn’t caught up by match three, the rain, however had overtaken us. It was clear to see who the real enemy was. The rain was soon joined by a team of its own, hail and cold wind. The three were unstoppable. Our clothes were drenched in rain, shoes soaked all the way through. Our hairs were unrecognisable. Seeing the distress on the court, the umpire gave us a choice, continue on or end the match.

With our team opting to continue on, the other team had no choice but to carry on too. The rain had tricked us, gave us the impression that it was about to cease. Oh how wrong we were. The avoidable fourth match was something short of a disaster, tempers flared, umpires yawned, opponents bitched and some even fell on the cold wet concrete floor. It was time for it to end. The end score? No one knows. Did we win? Not even close.

Thank you for reading.

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