Day 91: Family Heirloom

It been in the family for generations. Each ancestor has added to it for as long as we can count back. From the very first of our clan to the present day tribe, we have all contributed to it. It’s our greatest wealth.

I have come face to face with it on so many occasions that it’s impossible to count. As I grew older my awareness of it became more apparent. I now have it every single day and notice it all the more, and most importantly, I practice it as well.

Each family has its own heirloom, some have royalty that is passed on from generation to generation, crowns worn, wars fought and kingdoms won. Other families have sentimental items, rings worn by great grandmothers through trying times, prejudice and discrimination. Items that remind them of who they are and where they’ve come from.

Our family heirloom is none of those things. Ours is the only thing we’ve been able to hold on to. Ours does not age but it does increase in value. It doesn’t contain royal blood but it has won kingdoms and battles. Ours is simple. Ours is love.

Thank you for reading

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