Day 87: The Shop

In London we have corner shops, which are convenience stores in the US. Corner shops are the most wonderful things because even if you live in the middle of nowhere, there is bound to be a corner shop close by. They usually sell your basics; lottery tickets, milk, bread, alcohol, newspaper, sandwiches etc.

Corner shops where the foundation of my high school years. Every morning we’d get off the bus one stop earlier to go to the shops. We’d usually buy a drink, crisp and sometimes when I was rolling in dough (had more than £4), I’d buy a magazine.

They were an essential part of school life. Some of the black boys in school were not impressed with the corner shop prices. They would go to the big super markets on the weekends, bulk buy some snacks and sell it at school during break and lunch times. Their items were always cheaper than the corner shop in the morning but by lunch time the price would have doubled. They knew that at lunch, you wouldn’t be able to leave the school (until you got to year 10) to go and buy snacks so you had to buy from them. It was ingenious and they made so much money from it. I remember buying 50p crackers for 80p because I was desperate and had no options.

Corner shops were very important in uncovering future entrepreneurs. They are also very important to my snacking.

Thank you for reading.

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