Day 86: My Muse

My muse’s eyes are just divine

I’ve never seen them without their shine

Although I’ve never truly seen them at all

I’ve never looked deeply in his eyes

Or even noticed the colour they contain

But I know that if I were to look

They would be oh so divine

My muse’s heart is kind and pure

His intentions are so very clear

Although he’s never let me in before

We’ve never talked or said a word

I’m yet to know the things that he prefers

Or the goals he has for life

Yet I know his heart is true and kind

My muse’s mind is sharp and alert

He knows all the things that fill the earth

From maths to history to medicine too

He could cure cancer had he the time

I know this to be the case

Because of the time he had a book

And I knew at once he was smart.

Thank you for reading.

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