Day 85: A Day in the Life

6:00 – Alarm goes off and grudgingly he wakes up and heads to the bathroom.

6:15 – He walks out of the bathroom, moisturises and puts on his uniform.

6:30 – He heads to the kitchen and pours himself some cereal and milk. He grabs a banana along with his keys and leaves the house.

7:00 – After 30 minutes of driving, he finally reaches his location. Ready to start his shift.

11:30 – His first shift ends, tired and exhausted he heads to lunch.

12:30 – His lunch break finishes and he is back at work, ready to start his second shift.

16:30 – His second shift ends and he makes his way home.

17:00 – He arrives home, orders some dinner and eats.

18:00 – He checks the time and begins to get dressed into his second uniform.

18:15 – He grabs his keys and another banana and walks out the door.

18:30 – He arrives and starts his shift.

22:30 – He finishes for the day and heads straight home.

22:45 – He reaches home and takes a power nap.

23:30 – He is fully dressed and ready to hit the club. It is Friday night after all, and he doesn’t work the morning shift on Saturdays.

Thank you for reading.

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