Day 84: Pen

“The pen is mightier than the sword”

She was ready for battle, ready to fight, ready to defend her kingdom just like she’d always done. She knew that she needed her best weapon, her best armour, her best shield. This was a battle like no other, the most epic battle to have ever taken place in her kingdom, at least that’s what she hoped will be said after she wins.

She went in search of her best weapon. She searched through cupboards and desk pots. She emptied out bag after bag in search for her mighty sword, her weapon of choice on any given day. She searched and searched and finally she found it, laying on the floor by the side of her desk was her pen.

She the moved on to look for her best amour. She knew that it had to be of the very best quality. She went through notepad after notepad, touching each page to feel for its quality. She knew that it had to be the right texture, the right gloss, the right depth for her to protect her kingdom. She knew that any old armour would not do. She found the one that she was looking for.

She sat down by her desk and began creating the ultimate shield. She began to write, pages and pages of perfect literature. She knew she was on to something, she knew she had won, that with a shield like hers, victory was inevitable.

She finally finished, placed down her weapon down and gazed at her finished shield. She knew she was ready. It was an epic battle that she wanted, and an epic battle she got.

Thank you for reading.

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