Day 83: Magic

I sat there, on a different floor than my usual lunch spot, fuming at the new turn of events. I shouldn’t have been surprised, and yet there I was shocked. Shocked that in 2019, something like this still happens in the workplace. I opened my novel, desperate to be distracted by anything other than my own thoughts. I opened the book to the chapter on the black planet, eager to learn and be enlightened.

As I read the words on the page, my thoughts played in the background, growing in anger. I tried to focus more intently on the book, tried to clear my mind of everything except for the words on the page but nothing was working. I instead turned my attention to my lunch, opening my lunchbox and taking out the hot cheese-less lasagne. I was excited to dig in and fill my stomach with a warm, home cooked meal.

About 2 spoonfuls in to the lasagne, I felt a shadow leaning over me. I looked up and saw a familiar face, smiling down at me.

“Do you mind if I join you?” She asked.

“Yes sure”, I answered.

She sat down and took out her own book. We started discussing each other’s books, giving summaries of the main themes. Our conversation then moved on to politics and history. No more was the anger sitting at the back of my mind, but instead, it had disappeared, almost by magic.

Thank you for reading.

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