Day 81: Advertisement

Have you ever wanted to know how to behave in any situation? Longed for the solutions to everyday life problems? Where you always book smart but wanted to be street smart as well?

Introducing the new Common Sense by ART.

Common Sense allows you to know all the social cues.

It gives you the ability to approach any situation knowing you’ll come out on top.

Common Sense is so great that even our critics are giving it 5 stars.

Side effects to Common Sense may include but are not limited to: sarcasm to those who lack it, supporting and guiding others in finding it and answering “stupid” questions.

Common Sense comes in a 3 different dosages to fit your needs. Get yours now, starting from just £9.99, if you call now and quote TV19. We’ll even give you an extra dosage of sarcasm (whilst stocks last).

Thank you for reading.

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