Day 80: Ode to a Stranger

I watched as they hurried along, some overtaking me and others walking side by side. This was always my view during my morning commute. I would always people watch and observe the people around me.

And here she was walking towards me like she does every very morning. Her style never ceases to amaze me. She always dressed well regardless of the season and this winter was no exception. I wondered where she bought all her clothes from and where she worked? Or whether or not she worked? There was so much about her life that I knew nothing of and yet every morning our paths crossed. I wondered if she was happy in life? Was she fulfilled? I wanted to tell her that she looked nice, but wasn’t sure she’d want to hear that from a random stranger.

As I continued walking on, keeping my gaze ahead, I wondered if she wondered the same things about me.

Thank you for reading.

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