Day 79: Hero

Today I would like to dedicate my post to all the unsung heros of society. The people who do hard jobs so that we don’t have to:

  • Nurses – Although doctors are celebrated in society, nurses are rarely given the same treatment. They work very hard for the well-being of patients and especially in the NHS they work long hours just to ensure that people are still able to access the services they need.
  • Teachers – I honestly don’t know where I’d be without teachers. They literally taught me everything I know, whether that was academically or about life. Most importantly they taught me how to think for myself.
  • “Unskilled” workers – This includes plumbers, mechanics, bin collectors etc. These people are vital to the running of society, and it is ridiculous that they are called unskilled workers. Unskilled implies that you don’t need skills to do the job, and if that were the case we’d all be able to do those jobs. I can safely say that I cannot do those jobs and I’m so thankful for the wonderful people who choose to use their skills to carry out those jobs.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the unsung heros, it’s just the few that came to mind. There are so many other unsung heros in society that all deserve to be appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

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