Day 76: Missing You

The person I miss the most is the person I used to be when I was a teenager. I was so free, before society and all it rules were forced upon me, before I had to act like a grown up.

I miss the way I used to read, it’s safe to say that doing an English degree has killed a lot of my passion for books. I now collect books rather than actually read them. When I was a teenager, I would read at least 1 book a week, sometimes up to 3 books a week. I would stay up all night and read, this was all before Netflix. Now I stay up all night binge watching Netflix.

I miss having time, so much time to do what I want. Time is the one thing that we can’t take for granted, something I need to stop doing. Being young, I could enjoy the moment, the awesome summers with cousins, the sleepovers where we stayed up all night and talked. I miss being present and not worrying about the future.

Writing this post is a paradox within itself because I’m writing about being more present whilst reminiscing about the past and how much better it was.

To conclude, although I miss the old me, I also love who I am right now. Age comes with a different kind of freedom.

Thank you for reading.

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