Day 74: Caught Red Handed

She had been walking for 15 minutes now. It had gotten dark and she knew she had to go back. She didn’t regret leaving when she did because she had needed to clear her mind before she said something she’d regret.

Although the walk fulfilled its requirement, she now had a different problem, one she had been trying hard not to think about. She knew that she should have used the loo before leaving the house, but all she could think about then was getting out of there.

It was harder and harder for her to keep it in. She looked around her, and all she could see were trees and houses, she knew she’d be able to do her business without anyone being the wiser.

She found the perfect spot behind a tree, she squatted down, rolled down her trousers along with her knickers and released herself. She relaxed as she was no longer holding it in. She shook off the remainder, pulled up her trousers and was ready to go before she noticed she had an audience. About 100 meters from the tree was a house, full of guests who had all witnessed her show. She bowed her head in embarrassment and hurried on back home.

Thank you for reading.

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