Day 72: Where that place used to be

I remember going there almost every day after school. I mean, of all the places that teenage girls spent most of their time, this is not a typical one. Getting off the bus one stop early, and walking up those steps that always blossomed with flowers in the summer. I never spent more than 30 minutes there because I always knew what I came for. Sometimes I’d meet one of my friends there or someone familiar from School that I was not yet friends with.

I remember the summer challenges and how I would frequently visit so I could win. My brother and I would always compete and see who could reach the target first. It didn’t really matter who won because we both gained something.

I remember all the adventures I would go on, falling in love countless times, all because of the time I spent there. My friends and I couldn’t get enough, we would spend hours talking about the different characters we’d encounter. All because we went there so frequently.

During exams, this is the one place I’d avoid because I knew it would be a distraction and I needed to study. A lot of people thought it was the perfect place to study, but not me, too many distractions.

And now you’re gone, my beautiful library is gone. All the things I learnt because I had access to you. All the books I’d read, countless stories and adventures. All the summer reading challenges, the kind and friendly librarians. I never got a chance to say thank you!

Thank you for reading.

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