Day 69: Silly Sport

My new silly sport is called Elephant Laugh. Like the name suggests the aim is to make an elephant laugh, but not just any elephant, caged and abused elephants.

The 3 main objectives of the games are:

  1. To break into a zoo or circus or any location where elephants are mistreated and abused.
  2. Break the elephant free and escort the majestic animal back to its natural habit.
  3. Befriend the elephant and form a bond and make the elephant laugh.

The rules of the games are:

  • No weapons such as guns or explosives can be used when rescuing the elephant as these can cause harm to the elephant as well as humans.
  • No intentional harm must be made to the elephants, other animals or humans during this game.
  • If more than one elephant is found in zoo, or other locations, all elephants must be rescued.
  • If you cannot transport elephant to natural habit, elephants must be taken to wildlife rescue centres who will then transport the elephant.
  • Elephants must be placed in a safe transportation device when being transported.
  • Props can be used when trying to make the elephant laugh.

The winner will be the person that has made the most elephants laugh.

Thank you for reading.

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