Day 63: Spice

She stood on her stool, leaning over the kitchen counter as she watching her mum add all the ingredients to the pot. There was one particular one that caught her eyes. It was red and round, not too big, just a few centimetres bigger than her 4 year old hands.

“Mummy what’s that?” She asked.

Her mum looked at her with a smile on her face. “This is a scotch bonnet. It’s is a magical ingredient. It makes some people cry when they taste it, whilst other people smile. Whenever your father eats it, it makes him poo for a very long time.”

She giggled at this.

“Even touching it with your hands is dangerous.” Her mother continued, “you have to make sure you wash your hands after touching it. Because if you don’t, and you touch your eye after touching it, it will hurt a lot”

She looked down at her hands, trying to remember whether or not she had touched it. Her mind couldn’t stretch past the last 10 minutes, so she gave up trying to remember.

“It’s not for little girls to play with or to eat. Okay?” Her mum said with a stern look on her face.

“Okay” she said, and with that she stepped off her stool and went back into the living room to continue watching TV.

Thank you for reading.

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