Day 62: Slip Ups

He could not believe he did it again. This was the one thing he was trying to prevent and yet he just couldn’t help himself. Calvin was a certified gossip, he never meant to do it but yet he always did.

Unlike all his other slip ups, this one was a big deal, this one was going to cost him everything.

It all started with a conversation that he should have never heard in the first place. His nosiness into other people’s business had allowed him to stumble into something that was never his to find. This was such a big secret that only 2 people knew of it, and those were the two people involved. He had known the moment he found out that this was no small thing, that it could not be shared with anyone and must be kept under wraps. He had tried so hard to keep his mouth shut, all day he had kept to himself, afraid that he might slip up, and yet he did.

The slip up could have been easily avoided if Calvin’s ego wasn’t as big as his mouth. He had gone to the communal kitchen to make tea when he was stopped by 2 coworkers. They were discussing the newest office gossip and wanted to hear his take on it. He managed to say the bare minimum and was walking away when one of the coworkers commented about how unaware he was with office gossip and that he was losing his touch. Instead of continuing to walk away, he stopped, turned around and revealed the secret. The shock on both there faces said it all. He knew he had made the biggest mistake of his life as soon as it came out of his mouth. He knew there would be severe consequences. He walked back to his desk and within minutes 2 more people were at his desk asking if it was true.

Thank you for reading.

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